MFWM SS20: Versace

WITH A nod to Nineties Versace, Donatella delivers a glamorous take on masculininty with her SS20 collection at Milan Fashion week. Donatella plays with the idea of a boy’s coming of age and the moment they drive their first car. Such inspiration is obvious from the catwalk itself – a black sportscar decorated with hundreds of vibrant pink flowers catches the eye and sets the scene for the glam about to take place.

The first half of the collection shows off the Italian house’s exceptional tailoring skills through structured   belted leather jackets, half grey and half black blazers and classic Gianni Versace-inspired black ties.

Donatella does not disappoint, in the signature Versace fashion, a plethora of prints and logos are piled on to every look. Leapord printed turtlenecks, sparkly sweater vests, tie-dyed t-shirts with the Versace logo splashed over the front, and sportscar-printed suits are just a few of the rave-inspired looks.

The collection is dedicated to Donatella’s late friend and The Prodigy frontman, Keith Flint. Echoes of Flint’s disruptive and modern punk style could be seen on the catwalk through various tailored leather looks, completed by several of the models’s neon-dyed hair and tinted sunglasses. And of course, the show’s soundtrack was exclusively Prodigy tracks. The band’s number one hit, Firestarter, kicked off the start of the show and created the highly energetic atmosphere that lasted from the first look to the last.

by Mirabella Shahidullah


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