Museum of Art and Design presents the first exhibition to explore jewellery and photography

The Museum of Art and Design in New York City will present a new exhibition to examine the interplay between photography and jewellery. Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography will be the first museum exhibition to explore how contemporary jewellery artists are using photography to explore issues central to contemporary life, including changing views of beauty and the human body; social, political, and cultural issues; memory and desire; and the relationship of jewelry to society and personal identity.

With 170 objects by more than eighty artists from over twenty countries, Multiple Exposures focuses on contemporary works. Featured artists include Gijs Bakker, Wafaa Bilal, Mari Ishikawa, Jiro Kamata, Sooyeon Kim, Otto Künzli, Iris Nieuwenburg, Kara Ross, Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera, Bernhard Schobinger, Bettina Speckner, Joyce Scott, Kiff Slemmons, Andy Warhol, and Noa Zilberman. Besides delving into recent developments in contemporary photo-jewellery through cutting-edge videos and installations, the exhibition also provides a historical context for the 200 year old relationship between jewellery and photography.


Gijs Bakker Waterman, 1991 Brooch. Collection of Angela Schaefer
Photograph: ©Thomas von der Heiden


Lauren Kalman Tongue Gilding, 2009. Digital video
Courtesy of the artist and Sienna Patti
Photograph: Courtesy Sienna Patti


Martin Papcύn Ring, 1999 SUPŠ A VOŠ TURNOV,
The Secondary School of Applied Arts and The College of Craft.
Photograph: Martin Papcύn


Wafaa Bilal 3rdi, 2010. Implanted camera
Collection of the artist. Photograph: Bryan Derballa


Ramon Puig Cuyàs N° 1279, Ita est (brooch) from
the UTOPOS series, 2009 Brooch
Courtesy of a private collection. Photograph: Ramon Puig Cuyàs

by Louise Lui

Images courtesy of Museum of Art and Design

Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography will run from May 13 to September 14, 2014


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