Music, Makers & Machines launches on Google Arts & Culture

IN THE wake of an incredibly challenging year for creatives, perhaps especially musicians, whose venues have been closed for a year, members of the global electronic music community have come together with Google Arts & Culture and YouTube to launch Music, Makers & Machines, a virtual exhibition.

The exhibition is permanent online feature on Google’s not-for-profit platform, Google Arts & Culture. It is the result of the collaboration of more than 50 international cultural partners spanning 15 countries. The project comprises of Augmented Reality features, archived photos and film, online exhibitions, 360°tours and 3D scans, as well as highlights from iconic electronic music scenes from around the world. The project will also develop online resources for schools.

Instruments in AR Synth, part of the platform’s experiments in Augmented Reality

The result is a resource that recognises the importance and influence of a music scene that has especially suffered under Covid-19 restrictions. It works to platform the creatives who work within the scene, and simultaneously makes some of the joy of electronic music available to us all once again, desperate these extreme circumstances.

Ravers dancing outside the Trip at the Astoria London 1988, an image taken from the exhibition’s archives

Tresor, a nightclub in Berlin, part of Music, Makers and Machine’s homage to great music venues

The exhibition will be accessible to all from 10 March, 2021 online, and via the Google Arts & Culture App.

by Connie de Pelet


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