Perfectly Situated: The Savoy and London Fashion Week

There are few hotels as iconic and delightfully British as the Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel. Celebrating its 125th anniversary this season, this Fairmont-managed hotel is enjoying a much-deserved renaissance after a few years of recent refurbishment. The Savoy played host to members of the Glass team during London Fashion Week, and proved a most gracious host.

SAVOYVIEW3The view from  the Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel

It is impossible to introduce discussion of the Savoy without first mentioning that it is located on the only street in England where you drive on the right. While this oddity might seem a random factoid for tourists, it enhances the unique character of this exceptionally luxurious, five-star hotel. After all, the Savoy is undeniably beautiful but quirky – in the most fabulous way possible, of course, thus fully appropriate for London Fashion Week.

The Savoy Hotel refurbishment, completed 2010.Meeting Room

For one, the entire experience of staying at the Savoy is immaculately managed and, in implementation, a little theatrical. This is quite appropriate for a hotel built by a Gilbert & Sullivan impresario just a stone’s throw from Drury Lane.

36627453-H1-SVY-316A guest room at the Savoy

When you first arrive at the Savoy, a jovial doorman collects your luggage and ushers you inside where you are swept off to a personalised reception area. Unlike most hotels, where reception is practically a public affair with desks out in the open, registration at the Savoy, like everything it does, is private and organised. If you need to wait for a room, not to worry as the hotel has an incredible selection of places you can go, including the famous Beaufort Bar, the iconic American bar just off the main reception, and the Thames Foyer where they have a proper afternoon tea.

55886319-H1-SVY-321Savoy Tea at the Restaurant

Rooms at the Savoy are unabashedly luxurious with every possible need you might have catered to before you even think of it. This is no surprise, as the Savoy was the first true luxury hotel in the UK and the first to get electric lights, an electric lift, hot-and-cold running water, and bathrooms in most rooms (a true luxury in the late 19th century). For our team at Glass, our suite came with butler service, which sounds excessive but is actually quite helpful when you run out of something between shows, need dry cleaning done, or, in my case, require assistance in heating the food of a very picky 3 year old.

57562852-H1-SVY-325A view of the Thames from the Savoy

For London Fashion Week, in particular, the Savoy is ideal, located conveniently close to Somerset House for the main British Fashion Council shows and Covent Garden for the Fashion Scout shows. The refurbishments to the Savoy, now managed by Fairmont, give the hotel a much-deserved makeover, adding new gleam to historic details and adding modern conveniences to help enhance the modern travel experience.

59542326-H1-SVY-345Meeting room – Iolanthe Banquet Set-up

In honour of its 125th anniversary, the Savoy is hosting a series of unique initiatives, including London’s first Thames Wildflower Walk. This event, which launched 18 August, is the first ever central wildflower walk in London. The trail begins at the hotel and traces a green path along the river and throughout London, connecting some of the city’s most prestigious organisations, including The Garden Museum, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Tate Modern. Guests who follow the path will receive a special map and a seed packet, and also can attend a special themed Afternoon Tea at the Savoy.

59542406-H1-SVY-349River Room Meeting


Also, the Savoy is celebrating its anniversary in partnership with Dom Perignon to launch Press for DP in honour of Marlene Dietrich. This programme is a clever approach to room service – an in-room communications system that allows guests to order champagne at the touch of a button. One press of the button will notify the Savoy’s butler of a guest’s desire for champagne in one easy step. This service, which debuted 1 June, is available in select suites at the Savoy.

The Savoy Hotel refurbishment, completed 2010.The exterior of the Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel

In all, as a five-star hotel in a sea of luxury hotels in London, the Savoy elevates travel to an entirely new dimension, surpassing all of its competitors with beautiful design, perfect location, impeccable service, and an enviable attention to detail.

by Jessica Quillin

Images courtesy of Fairmont.

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