PFWM SS20: Heron Preston

BOLD white lights illuminate Heron Preston’s aptly named Concrete Jungle as Tyler the Creator’s Igor’s Theme reverberates through the space. The SS20 Paris show takes place in an industrial inspired venue, which was built in collaboration with Dattner Architects from entirely low-waste materials.

The repurposed and recycled aesthetic of the collection is symbolic of Heron Preston’s desire to push beyond the static boundaries of streetwear identity. Preston crafts each individual look in tribute to the bustling energy of the New York youth scene, while simultaneously inviting us to redefine it.


In his Spring collection, Heron Preston welcomes a diverse family of collaborators including Levi’s, Sami Miró, Gor-Tex and influences from New-York based painter Robert Nava.

Concrete Jungle features all of the innovative experimentation to be expected of Heron Preston. His bold tailoring, for example, takes centre stage from the outset of the show and demonstrates how he has progressed as a streetwear designer.

With the SS20 collection, Heron Preston sets him apart from his counterparts by focusing on creating fashionable pieces sustainably. This concept is seemingly unique in the realm of streetwear as of today. But for Heron Preston, the introduction of recycled tweed, nylon and pineapple leather is what elevates the important message of Concrete Jungle. 

One of the more memorable looks of the collection is the show-opener worn by model Alton Mason. It features a white padded tailored suit lined with foam. The piece was created in partnership with the architecture firm behind the Salt Shed in New York City.

Zippers and belts also play significant roles in the collection. The designer crafts them expertly to play with engaging shapes and silhouettes. Another genre-bending aspect of Heron Preston’s collection is the inclusion of Grace Kelly-style scarfs which go hand in hand with the models attire. 

The sheer versatility of the collection, all within the realm of sustainability, is key to understanding the evolution of the man behind the brand. As someone who started out by designing classic streetwear mash-up tees, Heron Preston achieves respectable status with Concrete Jungle and commands respect at Paris SS20. Preston proves he has the crucial creative ability look outside four walls and to explore how streetwear can voice environmental issues.

by Maria Noyen

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