The Connaught Hotel announce new suite, The King’s Lodge

THE MAYFAIR hotel, The Connaught has just announced the launch of a new suite, The King’s Lodge, in collaboration with interior designer Guy Oliver and the charity Turquoise Mountain – who work in Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Middle East, merging crafts practice, training and heritage buildings.

The King’s Lodge Hall

The King’s Lodge marks the second collaboration between the trio — their first being The Prince’s Lodge — and is situated on the fifth floor of the hotel and aims to showcase the finest craftsmanship from Levant, Afghanistan, Myanmar and India with every component of the suite crafted by artisans from these destinations.

The King’s Lodge Bedroom

The space sees a one-bedroom suite featuring deep window seats overlooking Carlos Place and Mount Street and a four-poster bed with beautifully drawn motif embellishments.

Fabrics with zigzag motifs are featured and take inspiration from chevrons that come from Mughal columns, while the colours in the space are inspired by carpets from Lahore and Mughal textiles from the Museum of Islamic Art.

King’s Lodge Interior

Turquoise Mountain collaborated with skilled woodworkers to make walnut jali fretwork, a practice in Afghanistan that skilfully joins wood and is seen in the bedframe arches and the screens in the suite.

The King’s Lodge allows guests to explore various global destinations while also celebrating the craftworks that come with them.

King’s Lodge Interior

The suite is a homage to artisans, with a share of the proceeds of each booking from The Prince’s Lodge and The King’s Lodge donated to Turquoise Mountain and their support of artisans.

by Nicole Pereira