The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo hotel, introduces historic tour

HOTEL tours just got a lot more sophisticated with The Murray, a Niccolo hotel in Hong Kong introducing a historic tour to acquaint visitors with the rich and vibrant story behind the storied building.

THE MURRAY - Cotton Tree Terrace

The Murray, Hong Kong, and its splendid arches, opening onto the Cotton Tree Terrace

The Murray, a Niccolo Hotel, was a former government building, reimagined into a luxury hotel to continue its important role in serving the city. The original design by Ronald Phillips in 1969 cemented its status as one of the most recognisable buildings in Hong Kong, and a recent refurbishment in 2018 has retained these features and melded together old and new to create a luxe hotspot for every traveller’s list.

THE MURRAY - Facade Evening

The Murray, a Niccolo hotel, lit up under the Hong Kong evening sky

The new guided tours, conducted by learned city insiders, aim to present the hotel to both visitors and keen members of the public as a landmark made to be explored.

Educational elements of the tour include a sighting of the Cassia Javanica var. Indochinensis, one of only two registered Old and Valuable Trees in Hong Kong, as well as the award-winning energy efficient windows, retained from the days as a government building.

THE MURRAY - Lobby Day

The Murray, Niccolo’s lobby, by day

Best of all: the tour itself is complementary, and runs twice daily. It is imperative to book ahead, as each session only accommodates participants, and you won’t want to miss a peek behind-the-curtain at one of Hong Kong’s most stately and elegant destinations.

by Simone Williams 

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