The Trench factor – Burberry celebrates 100 years of its timeless fashion garment


What exactly could it be that makes the Burberry trench the most significant steadfast article of outerwear that still retains a timeless recognition? Its various – unassuming, yet consistently, vaguely geometric forms provide a casual uniformity for one. While an ability to evolve, before our very own eyes, over periods of time to suit the shapes of the day confer some of its enduring appeal. Though, perhaps it’s the trench’s prim and proper conservative comfort, which cloaks the wearer in a confident impregnable embrace. Suffice to say, Thomas Burberry’s tightly woven Gabardine cloth innovation, invented by Burberry himself in 1879, has certainly stood the test of time.

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Lead by 100 years of stellar heritage, the Burberry trench has now become a timeless fashion icon. Which is exactly why the British powerhouse brand are this year celebrating their signature asset, the fulcrum on which their expanding worldwide empire hinges upon. Retracing its origins, the Burberry “Tielocken” was initially celebrated by the highest ranking servicemen of the early 20th century, who coined the term “the trench”, a rather brusque epithet for such an eminent item of craftsmanship. Nevertheless, for the early 21st century however, the label, which has come to represent the best of British style and the finest design innovation, have chosen to spotlight a quintessential digest collection presented in three colours from the Burberry Heritage Archive, honey, stone and black, available in three statement fits.

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The orderly details of the distinct trenches that Burberry have brought to attention to eulogise the famously waterproof wonder are, quite conceivably, the prepossessing key to its punctilious creation. Take the formation of the back pleat, which has remained just so since the first threads were sewn unyieldingly in place for our boys on the lead up to World War 1 in 1914,  along with the explorers who braved the ominous unknown of the poles during the first expeditions of the same decade.

Subsequently, much to modernity’s delight, a palette for the military marvel styling of the trench, which almost instantly created a bold congruous ensemble, was beginning to emerge. Thereafter the Burberry trench had soon become appropriated by royalty and the stars of the silver screen, who valued its utilitarian chic yet protective qualities. Onward and upwards towards the 1980s, which Burberry had powered through prosperously, enticing a global demographic to espouse just a flash of the signature check that remained just seen underneath the immaculate curved collar, carefully engineered, without exception, to ensure it sits perfectly on the neck.

Considerate of every last unmistakable detail, from the epaulettes to the assured cinching belt and of course, the approved flawless cloth, Burberry has recently launched a specialised new line, comprised of the Sandringham, Wiltshire, Westminster and Kensington styles, which is now available in-store and online. And the trench assortment, a colloquy of British prestige that doesn’t disappoint, is not to be overlooked. Just give credence to the assiduous three weeks of extensive workmanship that will bestow your wardrobe with an everlasting addition.

By Livia Feltham

Images courtesy of Burberry

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