Vauxhall Motors and Katy England present – Made in England

In celebration of 110 years of car manufacturing, Vauxhall Motors has commissioned one of the world’s leading fashion stylists Katy England to create a short film, exploring all that is great about British style and design. England was McQueen’s stylist for over 15 years and now styles for Givenchy Men’s and Tom Ford Women’s. Recognised for her ability to identify new talent England has always shied away from the commercial aspects of fashion and chosen to celebrate different kinds of sub-cultures and youth movements.

Made in England is Katy’s directorial debut which celebrates British style & design by showcasing sub-cultures in Britain, capturing a 24-hour window of life in Britain in 2013. At a time when media is full of cookie cutter girls and boys, Britain has always been famous for ground-breaking movements. A lone driver journeys through countryside and cityscape alike in the award-winning electric Vauxhall Ampera, encountering four scenes that represent iconic movements in British youth culture today and what Katy feels is the real youth. Each gives the driver a glimpse of his own youth and reminds the viewer of how precious and fleeting that time can be. England wants to give a voice to the underdog who is currently in the shadow of these shallow, commercial ideals that dominate the media.

The collaboration comes as Vauxhall Motors celebrates with a series of activities honouring the brand’s British heritage as it continues to produce vehicles with a commitment to forward thinking, technology and design. The commission follows recent collaboration’s including James Small, Fred Butler, Louise Gray, Sir Peter Blake, Gary Card, The Idler Academy and Richard Benson.

To support the screening, a special exhibition will take place at Somerset House from 14th – 21st November showcasing England’s personal journey of her directorial debut, offering insights into Katy’s thought process across style, characters and narrative.

Vauxhall Motors and Katy England proudly present: Made in England

A scene from Made in England

Images courtesy of Vauxhall Motors

by Annie Fong

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