Welcome to the Autumn issue of Glass Man – Together

Welcome to the autumn issue of Glass Man with the theme of Together. I thought this would be a pertinent title for the strange times still besieging us. Perversely the Covid-19 pandemic has developed through our proximity – by being together – but is also by our collective cooperation that is will be overcome. We asked some of our interviewees what “Together” means to them.

Anthony_MackieAnthony Mackie. Photograph: Nick Thompson

For this issue, we spoke to cover star Anthony Mackie in  New Orleans – his base  during the pandemic – about the future of the Marvel Universe, America’s political landscape, setting us his project IAmAMan.vote which encourages African-American men to enact change by voting … and his new beard. Our compelling images of Mackie were also taken via the medium of Zoom – a technique of which that photographer Nick Thompson is becoming something of a master.

“If we can re-legitimise the idea of voting power for young black men – stand up and stand together – that’s a huge platform to stand on.” Mackie tells us when discussing our theme. “People will have no choice but to listen.”

Paapa Essiedu. Photograph: Nick Thompson

The up-and-coming actor and Glass Man cover star Paapa Essiedu riffed on the theme : “I think it means community … I really missed my friends and my family – they are the foundation of my life. Togetherness and community are incredibly important to me.”

And the K-pop star Kevin Woo had his own take: “Although we may have to socially distance from each other physically, everyone has come together more than ever digitally. It’s important to stay connected with one another and I think music is the best way to bring people together. I’ve benefited from music in so many ways and I hope I can do the same for my listeners.”

Brandon Flynn. Photograph: Ssam Kim

While, actor Brandon Flynn, another of our cover stars,said,“I live alone in LA and when quarantine restrictions began, I felt it very hard … but I was inspired by having time to focus on growth.

“And [that time to focus] has led to me thinking, ‘I want to be a part of a community and want to be a part of the whole.’ Imagine how beautiful that togetherness will be because we’ve all had a chance to re-set.”

We also interviewed Sho Sakurai of Japan’s biggest boy-band Arashi for this issue and he had some interesting insights to share: “Arashi is, at its heart, a project of five members that have been able to come together through the labours of music in conjunction with our beloved fans and dedicated staff. It has been a continuous journey of togetherness.

‘Together’ to me is a dream impossible to achieve alone; a scene impossible to view by oneself. It’s something that, for me, goes hand in hand with a sense of the deepest gratitude for everything we’ve been able to do.”

We also meet up with Kailand Morris to find out about his childhood, finding his feet in the fashion industry and setting up his own fashion brand – House of KOM.

Kailand Morris. Photograph: Renee Parkhurst

And our film writer Jackson Caines focuses on a new documentary, Australian film 2040 which seeks to inspire action to tackle the climate crisis and asks whether it can succeed where others have failed.

King_OwusuKing Owusu. Photograph: Kosmas Pavlos

We hope you find this issue of Glass Man as thought-provoking and enjoyable as we have working on it – together.

by Caroline Simpson

The Autumn 2020 issue of Glass Man – entitled Together – is available now.

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