Anytime WHEN – Glass is refreshed by WHEN face masks

WHEN10:00PM is a jelly-like mask sheet containing gentle moisturising ingredients such as coconut juice, watermelon extract, key amino acids, Vitamins A & C and collagen to comfort tired skin. From the Korean brand WHENMask, it is be worn at night before sleeping (hence the name) as the mask aids skin regeneration over night, the morning after, my skin feels super-soft and hydrated, so much so, I find, that I’m typing this review one-handed as the fingers of my other hand are drawn to stroking my cheek.

When 10PM_pouch2 face masksWHEN 10:00PM mask

WHENTravelmate, meanwhile, is a must-pack for a getaway – particularly if you’re flying there. The drying aspects of an airline cabin, jet lag and climate changes are not kind on your skin, but this mask works wonders in soothing a travel-weary complexion. Wear in your window seat if you dare – while the When masks are not at all messy (clean up requires nothing more than removing it and massaging the remaining product into your skin), they do look make you look rather frightful.

by Natalie Egling
WHEN masks are available from Selfridges from £7 per sachet