Artist Luckylefthand decorates the Louis Vuitton Headquarters

A CENTURY after the phrase “Let’s made the street a happy place”  was spoken by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, artist Luckylefthand was commissioned to decorate the brand’s headquarters in Paris. The fresco is made up of fourteen vibrant paintings covering 280 m² with the shared aim to bring positivity to the neighbourhood surrounding the Pont Neuf amongst this pandemic.

Luckylefthand for LV


Luckylefthand was given complete artistic freedom from Louis Vuitton for this project. He was inspired by the minimalistic style and aesthetic of the sixties and seventies era incorporating the landscapes of Hossegor – his new home. The piece is made up of bright colours, large shapes and hands, a detail found in Luckylefthand’s work, all painted in acrylic. The hands are roughly a metre and a half away from each other, however are connected in spirit to mirror our current lives.

Luckylefthand outside the Louis Vuitton Headquarters

Luckylefthand Hand Painting

Luckylefthand explains, “I wanted to create this wall painting to offer Parisians a colourful stroll past the 14 windows, evoking a summer holiday while representing the temporary period we are going through.”

by Imogen Clark