Assouline dedicates new book to horology enthusiasts

THE LUXURY culture-focused brand Assouline has unveiled a new published book subjected to horology through the lens of the brand European Watch Company.

Titled The Connoisseur’s Guide to Fine Timepieces: European Watch Company, — authored by Robin Swithinbank — the latest Assouline book captures the stories of 150 of the world’s rarest watches.

The epitome of horological heritage, the pages delve into boundary-pushing designs and models ranging from avant-garde to technical sensations to timeless classics.

The book pays homage to the craftsmanship and passion that sit at the crux of father and son-owned European Watch Co. — traits that have accompanied the business since its establishment in 1993. 

Assembled from beautifully captured photographs, the book not only visually entices but also enlightens its reader with informative texts delving into each respective timepiece.

The Connoisseur’s Guide to Fine Timepieces is a must-read for all horology enthusiasts and those passionate about European Watch Co.

“In a world obsessed with speed, collecting watches is a gentle reminder to savour each moment.” —Joshua Ganjei, CEO, European Watch Co.

by Nicole Pereira