Baby Dior launch bath-time range for children

RENOWNED fashion house Dior has just unveiled a new beauty range for children and babies under their Baby Dior line.

The themes of childhood have always been of significance to the brand, with Christian Dior’s love for childhood and his reminiscence about his earlier years being aspects influential to the foundation of the fashion house.

In 1967, Baby Dior was initiated and consisted of a general clothing line, which later progressed into a beauty range with the release of perfumed products.

In 2012, Cordélia de Castellane relaunched the Baby Dior collection and as of 2023, Francis Kurkdjian has brought a refreshing twist to it with the latest additions of the Bonne Étoile eau de senteur and its accompanying bath-time range.

The aromas of the range comprise subtle fruit, cotton wool and velvety petals. The Bonne Étoile L’eau de senteur is a scent made for young skin, ensuring the formula respects the delicate skin while leaving behind a soft scent. The fragrance embodies a simple yet sophisticated smell with notes of juicy pear, floral eglantine and a smooth musk to conclude it.

As for the bath-time scented skincare, the aromas of Bonne Étoile eau de senteur also infuse the three bath products. Due to the delicacy of a baby’s skin, Dior has taken specific measures to ensure that the ingredients used nurture the fragile skin. The La Mousse très fondante establishes a shielding layer and leaves the skin feeling soft while it tenderly cleanses.

Composed of biomimetic lipids and enriched with jojoba esters, the Le Lait très tendre protects the skin barrier while adding comfort and a silky feel to the skin. The final addition to the bath-time range is the L’Eau très fraîche, a cleansing product with hydration qualities that protects the skin barrier while also being suitable for sensitive skin.

To finalise the release of the Bonne Étoile collection, gift sets comprising babywear and gifts adorned with the toile de Jouy pattern are also revealed, such as the Bonne Étoile set offering a bottle of the Bonne Étoile eau de senteur and a cotton poplin rabbit.

The Le Lait très Tendre set comprises a bottle of Le Lait Très Tendre lotion, pyjamas and a beanie, and the Mon Premier Bain set contains a bottle of La Mousse Très Fondante cleansing foam and a bath towel.

by Nicole Pereira

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