Annabel’s lights up Mayfair with 2023 holiday façade

ANNABEL’S – the famed Mayfair Members’ club – has just revealed its new festive façade. Made in collaboration with The Caring Family Foundation, the building’s exterior has taken the shape of a remarkable hot air balloon.

Imagined by Birley Clubs’ creative director Tatiana Kharchylava, the hot air balloon evokes hope and inspiration in light of the year’s trials and tribulations.

Exterior of Annabel’s

The Caring Family Foundation has previously hosted an array of events at Annabel’s. This includes a fundraiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation – where an impressive £2.2 million was raised. Now, it comes as no surprise that the two companies have decided to work together to inspire change for this Christmas.

Exterior of Annabel’s

The new façade spotlights the important work accomplished by The Caring Family Foundation and its Food from the Heart campaign. The campaign aims to tackle child poverty and also food insecurity. As a result of the charity’s tireless work, 2.3 million nutritious meals have been delivered to those in need. Furthermore, The Caring Family Foundation aids communities in Brazil and across the UK in response to deforestation, violence and poverty.

Embracing the importance of togetherness, it’s clear the hot air balloon signifies the importance of generosity and goodwill throughout the festive season.

by Sophie Richardson