Balenciaga Triple S: All You Need to Know

Aren’t sneakers the same as shoes? This is a comment that often pops up in a casual discussion about something related to fashion. Well, it somewhat is and isn’t. You see, the sneaker is a term that is mainly used in North America to refer to casual shoes. The same footwear can be referred to as joggers or trainers in the United Kingdom or Australia. However, the Balenciaga Triple S collection of sneakers is not quite the same as your ordinary shoes, joggers, or trainers – no matter how you put it.

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

Arguably the most renowned and most iconic sneakers in the finest fashion categories, Balenciaga Triple S lines of sneakers are something that pretty much all fashion enthusiasts want to wear. They are a pioneering icon and a glorious part of a long line of fashion revolution helmed by the brand Balenciaga.

If you didn’t know already, Balenciaga is the brain-child boutique of Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Dubbed as the mentor of all the designers and couturiers, this Spanish icon had revolutionised many things in fashion. The Triple S is no different from that in the sense that it has turned sneakers into an integral part of high-end fashion, a staple of luxury and finesse. That’s quite an achievement for a pair of joggers, isn’t it?

The Incredible Designs of Triple S

Not only the name, but the design of the Balenciaga Triple S has also been inspired predominantly by the American styles of streetwear. And oh! How brilliantly the French brand incorporated those designs into many different pairs of sneakers to charm fashion enthusiasts!


The most in-demand models of the Triple S come packed with textures and details, which are mainly based on a bold and proud sole. Some of these designs often also catch the eyes for their brilliant interplay of coloured or transparent soles. The textures uppers, on the other hand, usually display the all-over logo, colour blocking, or just some minimalist surface with a dose of chic details.

One striking example of this is the Triple S Clear Sole Sneakers, where the entire sneaker has been designed around the monochromatic colour palette. Its sole is transparent, while the different parts of the upper are given different shades of white to create a harmonious and super elegant design. However, if you would like something more striking, you can always opt for other varieties of the same design philosophy – ranging from a mix of all black, pink, and white, or something like red, marine, silver, and white, etc.

The Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole trainers also come in some striking colours too. The all-red model of the sneaker is unapologetically modern and chic, with its colours audaciously striking all the attention in any casual function. So, why not check out the various models and find your perfect fit?!

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