Best in show at Middlesex’s BA14 Graduate Fashion Presentation

At Middlesex graduate fashion week designs were fresh, just off the cutting table fresh. While Glass has a keen eye for all things cutting edge, during GFW it is most important to go for the garments that provoke an immediate “that’s something” sensation.

Olivia Pietroni

No 1 on the agenda, Olivia Pietroni, was sport and spice and everything nice, and achieved that with more assurance than other sport-luxe trend seekers.

James Hall

Moving on, statement colour block lines and abstract minimalism were an important principle for James Hall, given outspoken attitude by elongated vertical drapes, and one can only deduce that he knew this would give him a stand-out edge on the competition.

Hanna Vestin

Finally, Hanna Vestin, who gave MDX its grand finale brought on a red alert with avant-garde confections, painstakingly constructed with innumerably tiered marvels.

MDX itself stresses that of the 22 students on show, each “express a common desire, one that is to project their own unique interpretation of creativity”, and certainly, the ones who come out on top are those who make an earnest effort to captivate with striking designs.

by Liam Feltham

All images by Roger Dean courtesy of Middlesex University