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“MIRROR mirror on all the walls and tables, which is the swankiest new restaurant of them all?” Of course, the answer is Bob Bob Cité, the new brassiere just opened in the City of London on the entire third floor of the Leadenhall skyscraper, locally known as ‘The Cheesegrater’. I am sure that Bob Bob Ricard, its sister restaurant in London’s Soho, is super proud of the new addition to the family.

Interior of Bob Bob Cité jpgInterior of Bob Bob Cité

The sheer opulence and size of this establishment is staggering –rumoured to have been a cool £25m investment which took 5 years to complete having been completely overseen by owner, Leonid Shutov. Think dining on-board a futuristic mega yacht or perhaps a zeppelin airship with dining ‘booths’ rather than tables, each one complete with soft leather seating. Even the sublime management running the show are attired in double-breasted blazers, complete with shiny brass buttons. Says Shutov “I truly believe Bob Bob Cité to be London’s most unique restaurant and, hopefully, among the most beautiful; one where every meal becomes a special occasion, and where occasions cannot fail to be special.”

Bob Bob Cité dining boothBob Bob Cité dining booth

The restaurant offers a choice of two hundred varieties of champagne, with a large selection of gargantuan methuselahs (6 litre bottles) available for serious celebrations. Fifty vintages of Armagnac starting with 1888 will be available by the glass, as well as a collection of Chateau d’Yquem dating back to 1928 and vintage Ports going back to 1945, which will help provide a memorable finish to any meal

The same level of attention has been applied to the menu. Chef Eric Chavot’s offerings include meticulously-executed classic dishes such as French Onion Soup, Escargots, Veal Blanquette and Daube de Boeuf Provencal. Each one arriving artistically presented on Wedgwood china, emblazoned with the Bob Bob Cité logo.

Private dining room at Bob Bob CitéPrivate dining room at Bob Bob Cité

Brightly lit blue numbers decorate the complete perimeter of the room like a run of digital ticker-tape, which changes colour to red when the famous ‘presser pour champagne’ button is held down at any table.


We opt for Tattinger champagne which is poured into feather-light crystal glasses specially curated for the restaurant by Bohemia. We simply press our champagne button when we are ready for another bottle, and our table number lights up on the overhead display, to summon our smiling sommelier who instantaneously delivers another bottle of bubbly. Voilá


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