Mile High – Destination Sicily


When hearing the words “mile high”, one might think of clandestine lovemaking at dizzying altitudes en route to an exotic faraway destination. In the case of Dine Mile High, you can ditch the former idea up some 30,000 in the air. What the Mile High concept does offer however, is to whisk you away on innovative and culturally rich “quick city breaks”.

Hot on the heels of Gothenberg and Beirut (see what we had to say here), the “cabin crew” is back offering their third “trip” to quite possibly their most vibrant and colourful destination yet this month – their answer to the dolce vita, Sicily. Taking place in a hidden location in the heart of west London, expect authentic Italian swing in a vibrant and welcoming interior, combined with passionate service from the Pan Am-inspired stewardesses and a buzzing atmosphere. Inspired by the island’s fiery volcanic core, cocktails will be packed with Italian gusto, complementing the menu’s light and summery flavours of the Mediterranean.

With foodie offerings from ex-Moro chef Oliver Templeton, we have sky-high hopes that the edible angle will live up to the creative concept. Led by four cousins from the the Templeton family, the crew have one final destination for us in September – Mozambique.

by Roxy Mirshahi

Images: Chloe Crewe-Read

Mile High: Destination Sicily
12th – 15th June and 19th – 22nd June
Dinner Ticket £65
Departure Lounge ticket £5
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