Bulgari and Rene Coavilla collaborate for The Mediterranea High Jewellery Collection

A GRAND celebration unfolded within Venice’s majestic Palazzo Ducale on May 15th and 16th, as Italian luxury powerhouses Bulgari and Rene Caovilla converged for an extraordinary spectacle. In a cooperation distinguished by fresh visions of elegance, the Roman goldsmith’s Maison debuted its Mediterranean High Jewellery Collection at the majestic Palazzo Ducale.

This collaboration marked a significant moment in fashion history as Rene Caovilla breathed new life into the iconic Cleo and Ellabrita sandals for the grand show. Walking the runway with these rejuvenated masterpieces were top models Eva Herzigova, Stella Maxwell, and Blesnya Minher, each exuding an aura of deep femininity, confidence, and elegance.

The Serpent, a symbol cherished by both brands, served as the collaboration’s unifying element. Bulgari’s jewellery and Rene Caovilla’s sculptural shoes were two of its interpretations that complemented one another. The symbol added a humorous touch to the evening’s elegance as it snaked its way around Cleo’s ankle strap.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Bulgari’s Serpenti collection and the 50th anniversary of Rene Caovilla’s renowned Cleo sandal, the two brands showed their mutual respect for the Serpent symbol by donning matching designs. Thus, the release of the Mediterranea High Jewellery Collection was more than simply a beginning; it was also a magnificent celebration of shared heritage and innovative design.

by Zlata Kryudor