Cartier unveil new iterations of their Clash de Cartier collection

CARTIER have unveiled two new iterations of the Clash de Cartier collection: Supple and XL. The collection, characterised by studs, clous carrés and beads that line pieces forming a structural mesh against the skin, has been reimagined.

The Clash de Cartier Supple pieces are fluid: studs are held in place but each are free to move, creating an interesting dynamic between the structural whole and mobile individual components.

The Clash de Cartier Supple necklace

The Clash de Cartier Supple bracelet

The XL iteration offers a playful enlargement of the original design. Each piece features the studded pattern of the classic Clash de Cartier on a larger scale: their structures exaggerated to emphasise their sculptural makeup.

The Clash de Cartier XL necklace

The Clash de Cartier bracelet

A Clash de Cartier XL earring

The Clash de Cartier XL ring

The collection as a whole is neoclassical, unisex, singular and playful, set in the foundation’s of Cartier’s rich history of classic jewellery design. The new pieces are offered in pink gold, and emulate the collection’s marriage of Cartier’s heritage and a commitment to exciting new design.

by Connie de Pelet