Catherine Zeta-Jones and daughter Carys Douglas front the latest instalment of Fendi’s Me and My Peekaboo

CATHERINE Zeta-Jones and Carys Douglas discover the Eternal City with their Fendi Peekaboo bags. Joining an elite list of A-list celebrities, Catherine and her daughter Carys are the latest pairing to join the Fendi family in the Me and My Peekaboo campaign.

Shot for the very first time together, Catherine and Carys give us an eloquent snippet into their unique and special family bond with Family Affair. Dancing care-free under the colonnade of Polazzo Altemps they are filmed enjoying the Italian sunshine whilst exploring the Eternal City in a special mother daughter adventure.

Catherine and Carys enjoy a special mother daughter moment

Catherine and Carys enjoy a special mother-daughter moment

Peekaboo bags in hand, the pair wander through the quixotic city scape, lovingly playing amongst the statues of Palazzo Della Civiltá Italaiana all to the beating R&B track by Mary J Blige. Wearing a conceptual mix of old and new styled clothing, the video is given a timeless vibe, even more so emphasised by the grainy quality of the film and the throwback track. The Fendi Peekaboo bag seamlessly nourishes the dialogue between the classic and contemporary, becoming the real protagonist in the campaign.

Exploring the city with their Peekaboo bags in hand

Exploring the city with their Fendi Peekaboo bags in hand

From the regular shape to the XS version, the Peekaboo bag is lit-up by the distinctive Pequin, Fendi signature logo-no-logo pattern. Elegant and iconic, the Pequin embodies the timeless beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter reflecting their powerful connection.

Watch the video here:


by Zoë Delmer-Best