Viva la vita Italiana – Glass skipped over to Milan to catch up with the Italian designer Antonio Berardi to find out his tips on where to eat, dance and sleep in Italy

Viva la vita Italiana – Glass skipped over to Milan to catch up with the Italian designer Antonio Berardi to find out his tips on where to eat, dance and sleep in Italy

From talking to Antonio Berardi it becomes plainly clear that he is enthusiastic for everything Italian, from the food he eats to where he travels, his designs to how they’re manufactured.

You’ve named your newly released collaboration with Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Bellagio. Is this somewhere you’d personally like to visit and relax?
I like Bellagio because it’s kind of off-the-radar. People normally think of places like Portofino, Amalfi and Capri as stylish little getaways, but Bellagio is kind of like a wrong that feels right. It appears and disappears, but it’s always there. It’s like another world. I never planned to go, and then I went and it was really  stunning.

It seems all residents of Milan dash away to surrounding cities for the weekends. Where is the first place you go to relax?
My parents are from Sicily, so that’s my place. I have lots of family there. We have amazing beaches and now, incredible hotels. Where I’m from there’s a hotel called Verdura Resort. It’s really a wonderful getaway. In Sicily the food is amazing. The taste of tomatoes and aubergines is like nowhere else in the world. I never eat cakes but you have to when you’re there.

Antonio Berardi Viva la Vita Italiana

So food is obviously an important part of your Italian lifestyle. Where can you suggest Glass readers visit when in Milan?
I have some friends who have a restaurant called Casa Lucia. They’re basically three guys who used to work at Nobu in Milan and London and what they did was open this Italian restaurant.  I went on the day it was opened – walking by with the dog and it looked really  “New Yorky” – so I went in. It was lunch time and I said, “Can I bring the dog?” and they said, “Yes absolutely.” I go there all the time – the food’s great and they serve until 1am at night, which was a novelty.

And then they opened up a Japanese literally next door (Kiyo). The food is stunning because it’s what they were trained in and it’s what they wanted to do. I take all my friends there and they now go of their own accord. It’s just on the other side of the park so I can go walk the dog and relax.

So is there somewhere in particular that you can really relax in?
There’s a nature reserve in Sicily, which has an endless white sandy beach and crystal clear water. It’s called Torre Salsa and is probably my favourite place in the world. Sometimes you don’t see a soul. That’s quite amazing.

With your studio being in Milan, where’s your pick of the best shopping in the city? 
I’m super simple when it comes to shopping but I go to 10 Corso Como a lot, because I can buy books, I can buy music, clothes and gifts. They do everything.

Last but not least, dancing. You like music, so is there one place you like to go out to dance? 
I love music and I love to dance. It’s about spontaneity and it’s about the music, where you feel the emotion of the music and your body has to move to it. There’s a place called La Nuova Idea, which is the most amazing place to be in.

by Stephanie Clair

Taken from the Glass archive – issue 12 – JoyViva la vita Italiana

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