Chanel launches N°5 the Soaps

CHANEL’s celebrated fragrance N°5 is now available as a soap. The five soap bars in the collection are infused with Chanel’s timeless fragrance and were formulated to augment N°5’s intoxicating floral formula – being scented with notes of rose and jasmine, central components of N°5 Chanel N5 the soaps

Chanel N°5 the soaps

The minimalist black and white design of the soap’s packaging elegantly reflects the iconic N°5  bottle. While the soaps’ tissue wrappers are sealed with a Chanel stamp that nods to the seal which used to adorn the N°5 bottle.

This would make a perfect gift – to yourself or a loved one.

by Julie Heinisch

Chanel’s N°5 the soaps retail at £89 (5 x 75g) and are available at Chanel

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