Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY debuts album launch with conceptual music video

MUSIC and fashion have always been closely interlinked, and Charles Jeffrey knows this is a successful formula for a thriving collection.

His brand LOVERBOY, known for night-live performances that take the fashion and music worlds by storm every time, is going one step further and heading towards the dance-floor.

For Jeffrey, “music is tantamount to fashion and visual art in the diverse roster of inspirations feeding his practice”, and to no surprise, he decided to launch AW22’s Art of Noise collection alongside a teaser for his first ever art-music album, Neko.

When forming a team of creators who would help in the assemblage of the mystical reality, the designer collaborated with several gifted musicians, including his close friends, such as musician Tom Furse and multidisciplinary artist Robert Fox with whom he co-wrote the lyrics. This resulted in a “multi-genre soundscape”, oscillating from the classical to the industrial musical motifs.

The album’s title, derived from the Japanese word for cat, alludes to a feline motif that repeatedly slinks through the LOVERBOY universe. Nevertheless, the main message sent in the album touches on the return of the dystopian tale introduced in AW20’s Hell Mend You. The story captures the narrative of the mythical floating metropolis of AJUKA – the goal of the survivors of a post-apocalyptic world.

by Zlata Kriukova