Glass discovers alpine luxury at Das Central, Tyrol, Austria

THERE is an urban myth that a glass of champagne in the Himalayas is the equivalent of two to three bottles. As I take a sip of mine in the Austrian Alps at over 3,084m altitudes, I can certify that it’s no myth.

007 Elements - The Briefing Room007 Elements – The Briefing Room

In the heart of Tyrol lies the small village of Sölden where, for a brief moment in time, I get to call Das Central home, the only five-star hotel in the area. The resort also hosted Sam Mendes, his cast and crew during the filming of Spectre.

ice Q at Sunset shot by RudiWyhlidalIce Q at Sunset. Photograph: Rudi Wyhlidal

After arriving, our first port of call is Alpaca yoga. Also known as the most distracting type of yoga. It’s not very namaste when you’re in a downward dog and think to yourself “Please don’t kick me” to an alpaca that’s positioned itself dangerously close to your rear.

But, if you ever fantasise about holding a cloud in your hands, the closest you can get is petting an alpaca. But what Sölden is most known for is the restaurant at the top of the Gaislachkogl peak called Ice Q – a futuristic cube made of steel and glass that served as a central venue for 007 Spectre. You might think that a futuristic architectural form at the peak of a mountain would disrupt the natural habitat. However, its inception was nature-inspired – the glass windows reflect the environment and absorb it from indoors.

Das Central ResortDas Central Resort

Not just humbling but also soul-nurturing, Sölden is a place that needs to be experienced and not just visited.

by Adina Ilie

Das Central Hotel, Sölden, Austria has double rooms available from €170 per person/ per night (summer) and from €200 per person / per night (winter), based on two people sharing on a half board basis.

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