Dior offers new personalisation service for B23 sneakers

TO take the Dior B23 sneakers to another level, the French fashion house is introducing a new experience for wearers of the shoe. A new exclusive service will allow you to customise this iconic trainer and put your own personal touch onto this Dior favourite through adding a selection of charms.

Dior b23 sneaker personalisation Dior b23 sneaker personalisation Dior b23 sneaker personalisation

Examples of Dior B23 Personalisation

Silver, gold and matte finishes will be available using the signature codes of the house with either CD or the Dior logo – even offering an engraved Dior lock. Charms can be dangled off the shoe for a more daring look, or for those who prefer a refiner touch, it can be interweaved in the shoelace. This unique service can be used on both the high and low top versions of the B23. The men’s fall sneaker is now available for you to change in an infinite amount of ways.

by Imogen Clark