Fall 2015 Haute Couture: Christian Dior

Dior’s grand summer haze set brought to life the very essence of luxury couture, as spectrums of colour decorated the stage through magnificent stain glass windows. This playful theme of wonderland trickled down to the garments themselves as Raf Simons experimented with shape and vintage design to create Dior’s latest collection.

Perhaps one of most noteworthy details was the exquisite asymmetrical coats that hung to the models like oversized capes. The clashing mix of colour, shape and pattern was enough to become excessive, but the delicate designs that followed cancelled out any harshness. Channelling a 40s style tea dress aesthetic, feminine silhouettes of tailored waists and puffy skirts added to the sweet, demure look.

A combination of floral pattern was layered together and paired with embroidery to bring out fine detail, while glimpses of beading and metallic features created an extravagant touch. Draped and rippled fabric gave the collection a romantic edge, as Simons used pale chiffon to portray an angelic image, matching the church structured set.

With couture, luxury is always to be expected, but for Fall 15, Dior’s display of feminine fantasy challenged the presentation of bespoke fashion. The timeless elegance of vintage combined with a modern revival of soft demurity has made this collection one of Simons’ strongest.






by Emma Walsh

Images courtesy of Style.com

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