Dior unveils re-edition of the Lady Dior worn by Lady Diana

REPORTEDLY inspired by the Napoleon III chairs used in his first show for the French Maison in 1947, Gianfranco Ferre debuted the legendary Lady Dior handbag in 1994.

Originally born under the name of “Chouchou” – which means “favourite” in French, the bag was gifted to Princess Diana on her trip to Paris in 1955 by Bernadette Chirac, the First Lady of France. The story has it that the Princess was instantly smitten with the purse, hence why she contacted Dior to place an order for it in every colour.

As she began to sport the handbag on multiple occasions, it quickly became one of her favourite and iconic accessories, contributing to the bag’s subsequent moniker: “Lady Dior.”

In honour of the “celebration of heritage and savoir-faire excellence”, this year, Dior is bringing back the Mini Lady Dior, carried by Lady Diana during Met Gala in 1996. Adorned with strass and blue satin to sublimate its architectural features, the iconic piece is a classic example of Dior’s artistry and will be available in a limited edition.

by Zlata Kryudor