Dior uplifts female creatives with new exhibition at La Galerie Dior

FOR OVER 70 years, 30 Montaigne was the birthplace of Dior’s remarkable collections. Now, the iconic location is home to La Galerie Dior – a hub of art, fashion and tradition.

Further cementing itself as a cultural hotspot, the museum has just unveiled a new exhibition showcasing Dior’s many collaborations with female artists.

La Galerie Dior

The exhibition delves into the creative processes of the Parisian couture House, whilst also celebrating various female personalities. Before Monsieur Dior even started designing clothes, he was fascinated with art and, as a result, became a gallery owner.

From music and literature to painting and architecture, the legendary couturier was inspired by all forms of creativity.

La Galerie Dior

Today, the exhibition taps into Dior’s affinity for art and utilises the gallery space to uplift female voices. Presenting works from Lillian Bassman, Elina Chauvet, Judy Chicago, Maya Goded, Constance Guisset, Katerina Jebb, Eva Jospin, Brigitte Lacombe and many more, the museum will be the ultimate space for fashion aficionados.

Additionally, reinterpretations of the Lady Dior signed by female creators of the eight editions of Dior Lady Art will be on display in the Chambre aux merveilles.

La Galerie Dior

Celebrating the importance of sisterhood and community, the exhibition exemplifies Dior’s dedication to empowering women through all creative mediums.

by Sophie Richardson