Discover the next big thing at Asia Contemporary Art Fair

THE Asia Contemporary Art Show will be returning for its 12th edition this Spring. Taking place at the Conrad Hong Kong, it will showcase the work of over 200 up-and-coming artists around the world, with a focus on Chinese artists.

Chinese artists such as Ding Wenqing and Wang Shuhui will be featured in the Intersections: China series, which focuses on art that breaks boundaries and subverts tradition. By turning dumplings into sculptures Wang Shuhui creates the most unexpected sculptural juxtapositions. Meanwhile Ding Wenqing, is challenging preconceptions of Chinese landscapes with his pop colours and abstract dreamscapes.


“Tranquil Lake” by Ding Wenqing

Promising artists from around the world will also be represented such as Christophe Denoux, whose work combines slabs of agate and artisanal glass, and Kouzo Takeuchi, who creates intentionally broken ceramics. Spanning over 80 galleries across Asia and the world, the Asia Contemporary Art Show will start your Hong Kong Art Week with a bang.

by Lucy Wai

The Asia Contemporary Art Show takes place between March 23-26, 2018

Intro image “Modern Remains Cataract” copyright of Kouzo Takeuchi 

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