PFW AW14: Acne Studios

In a psychedelic display, Acne Studios paid homage to the 1960s – a decade where fashion was inspired by an amplified use of drugs. Clashing patterns thrust upon layer by layer in a collection that depicted urban vintage. The show progressed from darker shades to bold statement colours, detailing swirled patterns juxtaposed against electrified animal print.

Creating new silhouettes and shrouding the female form in array of colours, masculinising a feminine colour scheme by covering the body. Bulky fabric emphasised androgyny with oversized anoraks hiding the true figure. Hair was in keeping with the theme, with the models supporting sleek, gelled back looks that gave the illusion of pixie cuts. Large earrings were a prominent feature-again relating to the ‘60s theme- makeup was minimal, leaving the impact to the clothes and adding to the androgynous look.

Acne Studios chose a nautical theme, with the collection showcasing anoraks and waterproof long shorts. A handful of models also wore large hoops around their necks as accessories. In an ode to the 60s, there were oversized hats reminiscent of kitsch tea cosies, humorously playing on vintage items.

The overall style was casual; each model wore either flat sneakers or ‘60s-style boots remaining true to the androgynous theme. There was an architectural style to the collection, fabric was worn in an unusual manner, thrown around the body and not at all in a conventional way. With one sleeve in and one out, Acne displayed an asymmetric view for AW14 fashion. The look was all about the structure of the clothes and how they were worn.








by Emma Walsh

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by Emma Walsh