Glass present our favourite gender-neutral perfumes


Don’t define me – Glass present our favourite gender-neutral perfumes

AS society becomes more accepting of a non-binary approach to gender, so has the perfume world, with unisex brands Tom Daxon and Escentric Molecules moving away from the traditional olfactory divisions of floral, fruity scents for women, and woody, leathery notes for men. Here is Glass’s selection of our  current favourite gender-neutral fragrances.


Tom Daxon FUYU Tom Daxon – Fuyu

 Tom Daxon – Fuyu

The latest from British perfumer, the irresistible Fuyu is designed to evoke the warmth and softness of skin. With white peach heart: jasmine, iris soft musks and cedarwood.

£105 – EDP – 50ml



STORIES No.02 Eau de Parfum 100ml Bottle (£120)Eliza Grace, Stories No.2

Eliza Grace, Stories No.2

Creative Director brand founder of Eliza Grace, Tonya Kidd-Beggs wants her collection to defy gender barriers with each scent telling a story. I love the exceptional Stories No 2 which opens with a bright bergamot levelled out with Bulgarian rose and then honey-fied with tobacco hints.

£150 – EDP – 100ml


Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Gentle Fluidity Silver Edition

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Gentle Fluidity Silver Edition

From the master himself, Francis Kurkdjian introduces a pair of complementing gender-neutral fragrances using the same palette of notes but in two different compositions entitled Gentle Fluidity – Gold and Silver. A subtle balm, Silver is spicy, woody with hints of amber too.

£150 – EDP – 70ml

ligno Jeroboam, Ligno

Jeroboam, Ligno

Meaning woody in Esperanto, and why not? From the luxury Parisian perfumers Jeroboam, Ligno is a wearable decidedly woody extract with grey amber at its heart.

£90 – EDP – 30ml



Escentric Molecules, Escentric 05

Escentric Molecules, Escentric 05

One of the best and most innovative perfume launches of the decade by perfume’s pioneering genius Geza Schoen, Escentric Molecules are the ultimate in gender neutral fragrances. And a new launch from the brand is always big news in the perfume world. Their latest, Escentric 05, doesn’t disappoint with cashmeran as its central ingredient, evoking warm and pine-y Mediterranean climes.

£80 – EDT – 100ml


 Byredo 1996 Byredo 1996

 Byredo 1996

Originally a limited edition and made in collaboration with photographers Inez and Vinoodh, 1996 is a very well-balanced, soft leathery scent that containing notes of juniper berries, black pepper; a heart of violet, leather accord, orris and a base of patchouli, black amber, vanilla.

£165 – EDP  – 100ml


Heure Voyageuse Oud & Menthe


Cartier – Les Heures Voyageuses Oud and Menthe

Cartier – Les Heures Voyageuses Oud and Menthe
Another gender non-specific juice, this luxurious scent from Cartier was launched this year – its rich oud is given a fresh green dimension by the inclusion of mint.

£317 – EDP – 75ml



Azzi Glasser Perfumers Story Azzi & Antony – Antony Gormley Limited Edition Iron

 Azzi & Antony – Antony Gormley Limited Edition Iron

The brilliant British perfumer Azzi Glasser, the founder of The Perfumer’s Story–   has collaborated with one of the greatest living artists Antony Gormley on this limited-edition fragrance for the occasion of his solo show at the Royal Academy London. Iron is inspired by the smell of his studio and has graceful, subtle hints of leather with aromatic green notes too.

£150 – EDP – 50ml

Los Angeles by Gallivant - bottle Gallivant – Los Angeles

Gallivant – Los Angeles
Gender neutrality is core to Gallivant, which names its perfumes after cities – its latest location being LA, which evokes shimmering heat, ocean breeze and the tyres sizzling on the highway. With notes of eucalyptus, clary sage, mandarin, pineapple, narcissus, tuberose base: cade, guaiac, nagarmotha, musks and heliotrope.

£65 – EDP – 30ml




Experimental Perfume Club – Layers 01

Experimental Perfume Club – Layers 01
What could be more gender neutral than creating your own fragrance – unique just like you! Well, the Experimental Perfume Club Layers O1 set lets you do just that. Composed of a set of three fragrances and a personal blending bottle so you can create your own scent. The phials in the Layers 01 set contain bergamot, berry; jasmine osmanthus and sandalwood musk for you to mix your own one-off.

£90 per set  EDP


by Caroline Simpson