Fendi renews its social entrepreneurship through Malagasy artisanship

FENDI launches its new Roll Bag created with Made For A Woman (M4W), a socially-driven, women-led social entrepreneurship project dedicated to empowering Malagasy artisans, for the relaunch of the archival-inspired bag presented in the Summer 2024 Collection.

Fendi Roll Bag

The accessory pays homage to its original design from 1997, retaining its timeless grace while being renewed with soft, capacious shapes and elongated leather handles for a touch of du jour functionality. 

The bag was initially designed to be easily rolled up. Available in three sizes – Large, Small, and Mini – each bag is designed to fit various lifestyles and occasions. Following Fendi’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and social entrepreneurship, each Roll Bag is crafted from locally sourced local raphia coming from an endemic Madagascar palm tree.

Fendi x Made For A Woman

The fibre is hand-woven using a crochet hook into a pleasing bicolour FF logo. The bag is then finished in Italy, where the Fendi artisans sew and decorate the leather handles with handmade signature Selleria stitches. Every detail contributes not only to the beauty but also to the story behind the product, elevating traditional craftsmanship into exquisite accessories with a powerful impact.

Fendi x Made For A Woman

“These handbags are like icons of the everyday: utilitarian things that stand the test of time,” noted Silvia Venturini Fendi, Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear, explaining how “They are objects that are meaningful and personal, marking the passage of time and somehow transcending it. That’s why I really like that you see the human touch in our bags. Even though the artisans that make them are primed for perfection, it is the slight imperfections that somehow speak about doing things with time and care in a very human way.” 

The project embodies a vision of change that aligns with FENDI’s dedication to excellence and innovation. With an atelier rooted in Antananarivo, the project employs over 350 artisans who create exceptional pieces while championing female empowerment. 

Fendi x Made For A Woman

Verified by the World Fair Trade Organization since 2022, it has in fact made significant strides within its community through various initiatives aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These include health and well-being programs, artisan empowerment workshops, zero discrimination policies, childhood protection measures and environmental justice schemes.

The aim of this initiative is to create products with purpose, celebrating artisanal heritage while driving forward a mutual commitment towards environmental consciousness and social empowerment.

In addition to the Summer 2024 collection, Fendi has liaised with the initiative in the creation of an exclusive Baguette ‘hand in hand’ to pay homage to the Malagasy artisans, since from the beginning the Roll Bag and the Baguette Bag have been presented side by side.

by Chidozie Obasi

The Fendi Roll Bag released together with Made For A Woman is available in boutiques worldwide.

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