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The main fixture of Fendi’s AW14 presentation, Cara Delevingne – Lagerfeld’s darling – was the first fur-clad Fendi vixen to take to the catwalk today in Milan, and with her, she brought a novel gimmick, state of the art “Drone cams” hovering overhead. These aviational advances transmitted a live feed of the sport lux collection around the world via social media platforms, and Lagerfeld, with his penchant for all things new-fangled, recognised that his collection, overflowing with complex formations of manipulated furry textures, assorted fabrics and auxiliary textile appendages, demanded to be chronicled by the 360 degree electronic eyes.

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Carrying a miniature  Lagerfeld “bot”, Delevingne, her famous face encompassed by a spiky fur orb, introduced the clean minimalistic forms of outerwear, juxtaposed with prickly thistles of fox, raccoon and nutria fur, seen in a brazen hit-and-miss patchwork aesthetic. The sporty devil-may-care attitude of youthful boxy shapes, sloped shoulders and offhand layering, construed as “brutal and poetic” by Lagerfeld, took advantage of provocative bonded mesh fabrics, quilted and patent leather bombers and flimsy pleats.

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Then, capitalising on the melange of juxtaposition across the board this season, classic cuts of mink and sable fur coats, featuring flowery boutonnieres, sometimes speckled with blizzardy spots, were called upon, alongside a diverse selection of skirt lengths paired with equally diverse top lengths. These additions only emphasised the rather frenzied weak points of the collection, but a certain charm remained intact, with snappy handbags, notably those featuring stylish fluffy charms, garnering most of the acclaim.

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