Fendi unveils their collaboration Kompa by Mabeo at Design Miami 2021

UNVEILED at this year’s Design Miami, Fendi has collaborated with Botswana-based furniture and accessories brand, Mabeo. Specialising in national craft and expertise, Mabeo consults with local artisans across the country to inform on various collaborations, just like this one with the Italian fashion house.

Peter Mabeo at FENDI Design Miami 2021_Shiya Seat; Loma Stool by Mabeo StudioPeter Mabeo at Fendi Design Miami 2021: Shiya Seat and the Loma Stool by Mabeo Studio

Bringing together various viewpoints and skills that are found in this southern African country, Kim Jones, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Delfina Delettrez Fendi agreed on a ten-piece collection of furniture that would comprise of interrelating methods.

Named Kompa, the title came from the design studio’s oldest craftsman, meaning complete, alluding to their interest of having a holistic approach to design.

_Chichira Cabinet by Mabeo StudioChichira Cabinet by Mabeo Studio

Loma Stool Loma Stool by Mabeo Studio

Kompa includes the multi-functional three-in-one Lama Stool, efo Stool, Maduo Chair, ChiChira Cabinet, Gabi-Gabi sculpture, Gabinyana Table Lamp, Foro Chair in two versions, clay and Panga Panga wood, and the Shiya Seat.

The tenth piece of this collection presented in Miami is Mabeo’s interpretation of the iconic Peekaboo handbag. For this unique version, they approached those living in the desert who, due to environmental circumstances, have scarce amounts of plant-based materials and therefore used traditional methods of tanning, treating and stitching with instruments cast from metal and wood.

Fendi Design Miami 2021 MabeoFendi x Mabeo at Design Miami 2021

Presenting a physical manifestation of a relationship that puts artisans and craftsmanship on a pedestal, Fendi and Mabeo’s partnership shows the power of togetherness.

by Imogen Clark