Ferragamo spotlights Italian Renaissance in AW23 campaign

WORKING alongside Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi, Ferragamo releases its New Renaissance campaign featuring the works of many prestigious Italian painters.

Following the brand’s strong connection with Florence, Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi is considered one of the earliest modern museums having been established as the city’s heart of culture and art in 1569.

Thanks to Ferdinando Verderi’s direction, the campaign radiates Florentine-infused opulence and craftsmanship – further heightening Ferragamo’s connection and presence within the artistic province.

Maximilian Davis – Ferragamo’s creative director – says; “The Renaissance is hardwired into Florence, and Florence hardwired into Ferragamo. At this time of a new beginning at the house, it made perfect sense to reclaim the cradle of the Renaissance as our spiritual home, and to harness the deep, artistic spirit of this city to showcase the new collection”.

With works from timeless artists such as Giovanni Bellini, Paolo Veronese and Sandro Botticelli exhibited throughout the campaign, it is no surprise that the brand’s Italian heritage comes across stronger than ever.

Collaborating with an impressive selection of creatives, the campaign features an entourage of models – including figures such as Anok Yai, Lina Zhang and Taemin Park – to mirror the impressive compositions of the Italian art virtuosi.

Sporting luxurious, beautifully tailored pieces from the latest collection, the models portray a lavish, elegant lifestyle.

The campaign explores the process and production of making a complete image. Polished, refined pictures juxtapose staged, carefully crafted shots demonstrating the behind-the-scenes of Ferragamo’s finalised photographic works of art.

The images possess a theatrical allure with models acting as musicians, directors, photographers and more –  a figurative, timeless homage to the team required to make such impressive imagery.

Demonstrating artistry, craftsmanship, community and creative flair, Davis invites all to step into Ferragamo’s New Renaissance.

by Sophie Richardson