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After dalliances with post-punk-disko-beat  in The Screaming Ballerinas, decadent, lamé-trussed party hosting with  The Dolly Rockers  and more recently the  snappy  glare  of the modelling world, Scandi-London popstrel Laura Jean seems finally to have found her niche by striking out musically on her own. Her launch single Drum-Roll, released earlier this year, is a Teutonic, main-vein club killer replete with scratchy Indie guitars and Axel-F inspired keys.

Perfect pop in précis and clocking in at little over two minutes it’s a smash and grab slice or irreverence and style, just like the lady herself. Now in the studio recording further tracks and with a second single, Fighting on the Dance Floor out within the next month, as well as live performances across the continent, the irresistible Laura Jean is going to be beeping heavy on the Euro-sonar throughout 2014. “I can actually roar like a lion!” she exclaims, “I roar like Aslan and gallop towards the enemy.”

How did your solo career evolve from your formative band the Screaming Ballerinas?
I had so much fun in Screaming Ballerinas, performing and travelling with my best mates. I also began to flex my song writing muscles for the first time. It was a perfect first stepping stone for me in understanding how to create a platform for my music. I loved being part of a unit and that group sense of achievement but I feel less restricted and limited as a solo artist. It’s exciting.

So tell me about your forthcoming projects? Is there an album planned and who are you working with?
We’ve started talking to labels about the album and the majors are interested. At the moment I’m focussing on constantly writing new songs while I have time and shaping it up. I’d rather have 100 tunes to choose from than five. I have collaborated with a few trusted people I enjoy working with. (I’m) keeping it in the family.

Your first single “Drum Roll” is pretty high-octane.  Will  the tone  differ on forthcoming work? the name of  your second single , “Fighting on the Dance Floor suggests there will be darker themes at play …
I love songs that you can shout along and jump around to and I’m so excited about Fighting on the Dance Floor. I cant wait to get the song and video out there. You’ll have to wait and see what it’s about but it’s another foxy taster of what’s to come.

So what are the best and worst things about song writing, modelling and DJ-ing respectively?
I feel my most fulfilled when I’m being creative and performing my songs so can’t complain too much about that. DJ-ing is a really fun job and I’m lucky that I’ve been at it from such a young age. It ties in a lot with my own music too as I’m constantly researching and discovering new stuff that is good for inspiration. My hearing has definitely suffered though!

Modelling is something that came about  in the last couple of years. I’ve met some really cool people and travelled to some interesting places for shoots and for that I’m grateful but it’s not something I pat myself on the back about a lot.

You’ve recently been out to Milan. What are the main differences between London and performing in other cities?
Performing anywhere can be very unpredictable and I’ve learnt not to have any expectations as anything can happen! Rehearse loads, give it your all and if it sucked, laugh it off and move on. (In Milan) I came off stage itching to do more ! When it works, there’s no feeling like it.

How has your Scandinavian heritage fed into your soundscape?
I have family in Denmark and Iceland. Both beautiful places that I love visiting for inspiration. I completely worship Bjork, she really is a unique creature and i am eternally moved by her music. She’s very inspired by nature and growing up in Iceland with those surroundings I can’t understand how anyone with eyes and ears wouldn’t be.

In the video to Drum Roll you are dressed as some kind of golfing bunny. Is this an  attack upon male dominance in sports?
Haha! That bunny hat has become my most treasured possession!  And the golf club has pride of place on my bookshelf. Sean, from ‘Two and Fro’ who made the vid, knighted me with it in the pub the evening we finished shooting. What I am trying to say with this display is that there aren’t enough golf playing rabbits these days… It’s a disgrace. Isn’t that obvious?

Keeping on the beastly theme, what would your spirit animal be?
An owl. Or one of those fish with lights on their heads.

If you were to duet on a gay party anthem, who would be your ultimate partner?
Skin from Skunk Anansie, she is a goddess. It would have to have a rock diva flavour though. Something you could stomp to. We could wear catsuits.   And stilts.

And finally, when can we see you play live again?
Very soon! Keep track of my movements on  laurajeanmusic.com

by Benjamin Lovegrove

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