Glass attends Virtuoso Travel Week, Las Vegas

A TOTAL 6,000 travel professionals from around the globe converged on Las Vegas on Sunday August 12 for the opening of the 30th Virtuoso Travel Week. It is one of the world’s most renowned travel conferences which is organised to update the global Virtuoso network about all the latest luxury and experiential travel opportunities available from all corners of the world. The Virtuoso network comprises over 1,000 travel agency locations and 17,500 travel advisors across 50 countries.

Increasingly time-deprived clients are choosing to appoint travel advisors to plan their ideal vacation based on their individual requirements. The Virtuoso travel advisor provides access to expert travel knowledge on the world’s finest hotels, cruises, airlines and tour operators. Virtuoso ensures that clients are given a VIP experience on their travels while providing full accountability for each element of the trip that is arranged.


Matthew Upchurch, right, Virtuoso CEO and left, Simon Sinek of fame

The theme for this year’s Virtuoso Travel Week was Your World Awaits, with media welcomed at an intimate dinner at the Bellagio’s Tuscany Kitchen, where some of the most famed chefs in the MGM Resort portfolio were able to demonstrate their culinary expertise. Matthew Upchurch, Virtuoso’s CEO, held a motivational  question and answer session with writer and motivational speaker Simon Sinek of fame.

Virtuoso shared with the delegates its latest analysis of clients’ travel experiences over the last year; topping the list of preferences were wellness and spa trips, followed closely by intimate tours led by a local specialist which immerses travellers in the history and culture of the local region. Virtuoso claimed that the most popular destinations for British travellers this coming autumn and winter include the USA, Maldives, UAE, Mauritius and South Africa. Virtuoso’s research also concluded that travellers are becoming more adventurous in their choice of holiday experiences, opting to visit more unusual destinations particularly across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Your Virtuoso world truly does await.

by Amanda Bernstein


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