Glass enjoys late night dining at Kaspar’s, The Savoy, London

KASPAR’S, The Savoy’s art deco seafood restaurant and oyster bar has recently taken the lead from it’s popular neighbours Balthazar and Rules and extended their serving hours later into the evening. With last orders now at 11pm, guests to Kaspar’s can enjoy some of London’s best seafood dishes in its decadent interior while overlooking The Thames. London boasts a wealth of strong contenders for dining, but being about to dine at a high quality restaurant late in the evening is still somewhat of a rarity here in the UK so this trend is surely to be welcomed for both post-theatre diners and late eaters alike.

Wye Valley asparagus poached egg cauliflower cured ham. Credit to Red Photographic (1)

Wye Valley asparagus with poached egg cauliflower and cured ham. Photograph: Red Photographic

We were introduced to the seasonal menu by way of pan roasted scallops and the spring salad to start, complemented well by a bottle of 2015 Brook Ridge Sauvignon Blanc. Dishes here are simple in construction, customary for traditional fish restaurants like Kaspar’s, but consistency is often comforting such as the grilled cod and homemade fries and Isle of Skye Lobster with truffle and chive mash we dined on.

Kaspar's Seafood Bar and Grill PDR

Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill

Kaspar’s is a restaurant you can order a Lobster BLT or oysters and enjoy either in lavish surroundings, sitting reclining comfortably in one of its many booths. The lighting is low and flattering, perfect for late night dates and special dinners. For groups of thirteen, the Savoy still offer guests the addition of Kaspar – the namesake cat – to boost diners up to an equal number. For the last 90 years this has been customary to avoid the superstitious death that one guest back in 1898 declared would fall on the first person to leave a table of 13.

Summer berries red fruit vanilla consomme Elderflower sorbet . Credits to Red Photographic (4)

Summer berries with red fruit vanilla consomme and elderflower sorbet . Photograph: Red Photographic

We rounded the evening off with the molten chocolate torte and mixed berries – a refreshing combination of elderflower sorbet and red fruit consommé. Kaspar’s won’t surprise but it will seduce with the well-balanced combination of the classic menu, attentive service and opulent dining room, and, more importantly, now more accessible late into the night.

by Stephanie Clair

Kaspar’s Seafood Restaurant The Savoy, Strand, London, WC2R 0EU

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7420 2111



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