Glass exclusively presents Fendi’s second #BaguetteFriendsForever video filmed in Hong-Kong

GLASS is proud to reveal the second short film in Fendi’s #BaguetteFriendsForever series to celebrate the re-launch of their iconic Baguette bag.

The second video – The Missing Baguette – follows four more friends as they rush around Hong Kong in search of the misplaced handbag. We meet the women — dripping in eye-catching Fendi garments, including a monogram embossed coat, metallic silver shirt and gleaming golden bolero jacket — dining in a sky high restaurant with a spectacular panoramic view of the city. As they all reach into their beautiful baguettes to find their purses for the waiter, one friend realises her stunning navy and red bag is missing!

#BaguetteFriendsForever_HK_Frame_05An image from The Missing Baguette film

We follow the women as the hunt the length and breadth of HK, with shots cutting between glimpses of the skyscrapers and the friends on their frantic search. The cinematographic images are interrupted by the women asking, “Have you seen her Baguette?” straight-to-camera, wonderfully reminiscent of 1990s flicks.

#BaguetteFriendsForever_HK_Frame_05An image from The Missing Baguette film

The friends then encounter a man, casual standing against a marvellous pillar in a check suit, who enquires if they are looking for a bag. The women reply in unison, “This is not a bag / It’s a Baguette! ”

#BaguetteFriendsForever_HK_Frame_05An image from The Missing Baguette film

As the film closes, we see the handbag nonchalantly perched on a couch at the HK Fendi store, ready and waiting to be found by her owner. This second episode features the talents of Asian influencers Dominique Choy, Yoyo Cao, Hikari Mori and Peggy Gou, all with a considerable following on Weibo and other social media platforms throughout Asia and all over the globe.

Keep your eyes peeled for the third and final instalment of the #BaguetteFriendsForever series, filmed in New York.

Watch the video below:

by Lucy May McCracken

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