Bottega Veneta revives Italy’s Neo-Realist cinema in their Spring 2019 campaign

EPHEMERAL and elusive, Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2019 campaign focuses on time.  The first campaign from the new Creative Director, Daniel Lee, examines the identity and heritage of the Italian fashion house and its representation within the landscape of today’s fashion. The timeless Spring campaign cleanses our palette, revises our cognisance and renews the spirit of today.

An homage to Italian Neo-Realist cinema, Tyrone LeBon photographed a series of natural and candid portraits as though fragments from a film.  A materialisation of Lee’s vision, each shot embodies a different character, a different spirit, encapsulating a different aspect of the quintessence of Bottega Veneta. The clothes and accessories become part of a wider context, they become part of a life as they play their own part in the portraits.

DPS 01, Tan bag, Bottega Veneta DPS 03, Navy Trench, Bottega Veneta

The simplicity and elegance of the campaign seeks to appraise and personify the Italian spirit in a global context.  The diversity of the models and their respective settings represent a new community, a family being united by the fashion house.  Juxtapositions do not define their divisions, but rather their fusion and relationships. The harmony of Bottega Veneta’s classic leather and bare skin conspire to reveal the true personality of the brand.

DPS 05, Leather trench coat, Bottega Veneta

Dynamic and free, the campaign has a subtle conviction. Lee strips fashion to its purest form, delineating the indispensable identity of Bottega Veneta in the forms of intrecciato leather, a calf trench-coat and fine knits. The intimacy and effortlessness of the campaign pursue a heightened reality, one that materialises the essence of Bottega Veneta.

by Robyn Ngan

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