Glass experiences skin revitalisation with the Alumier Glow Face Peel

WALKING into Skin Lounge Boutique Skin and Beauty Clinic, Glass was immediately greeted by a space of tranquility and relaxation. A chic and ultra-feminine space, Skin Lounge ensures it evokes a feeling of luxury even from your very first step inside, creating a skincare haven for the locals of Richmond and beyond. The clinic also caters to each client’s experience with its variety of rooms, including a garden-themed Eden Room and tropical Ocean room, each of which are designed to help you destress in their own unique way.

Having a history of acne problems, as well as the genetic misfortune of skin that is prone to scarring, I was recommended the Alumier Glow Face Peel. The clinic describes this treatment as beneficial for sufferers of acne, scarring, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation, all of which (excluding wrinkles) are my biggest skin-worries. With Christmas coming up next month, I was especially desperate to experience some much-needed rejuvenation.

The Skin Lounge Clinic, Richmond

But, I have to say, when I was first recommended a skin-peel, I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. An avid Sex and the City fan, what I knew about skin-peels and its effects came from Samantha’s detrimental experience, leaving her comically (and painfully) red-faced at the episode’s climax in season five. I think this image is something that resonates with most people who have never had a skin peel. Talking about my upcoming appointment with some friends, I got a mixed bag of responses, and quite a few grimacing faces.

Skin Lounge entrance

The words “chemical” and “peel” (especially in combination) can be off-putting to a lot of people – including myself. After being assured that the treatment was painless, (the brand coined the word “stingle” to describe the sensation), and that I would be able to go back to work immediately without terrifying my colleagues, I decided to put the treatment to the test, and see if it’s actually as scary as people think. 

The treatment took place in the Rose room, designed to actually match the luxury and visuals of the Alumier range. Before beginning the treatment, my beauty therapist Hollie double cleansed my skin, to ensure my face was squeaky-clean. Then, she applied a clay mask, explaining she would use my skin’s reaction to the mask to decide how long to leave the peel on. She also explained to me that the mask she would use contains a high percentage of salicylic acid, something which is often found in low doses in face cleansers and serums, which helps to dissolve debris in the skin, and, in this case, causes the skin to peel, allowing for new, fresh skin to reform. Applying the mask, I was pleased to feel zero pain at all, instead feeling a little bit of warmth and even less of a tingle, before leaving for about five to ten minutes while receiving a ultra-relaxing head message which almost sent me off to sleep.

The Rose treatment room, Richmond

After the treatment, I was eager to look in the mirror to see my skin’s reaction to the mask. To my own relief, my skin wasn’t inflamed or irritated at all, with Hollie telling me a few days in I would start to peel, but this would only really look like patches of dry skin, rather than something out of a horror movie. Over the next week, I noticed a little bit of peeling, but as told, this was very minimal and resembled something more like healing sunburn rather than actual shedding.

Now, two weeks on, my skin has completed healed from the peel, and I have also finished my post-treatment care (Cleanser, healing balm, and SPF moisturiser). While I have had a few breakouts, I have noticed significant change in my skin, with much fewer aggressive acne flare ups than before, making my skin much more manageable. Dullness in my skin has also reduced, and it does seem to be softer, soother and rejuvenated. But, most of all, I am most pleased by the effects it has had on my acne scarring. Before treatment, I had pretty severe scarring and pigmentation across my cheeks, which has, with only one peel, lightened remarkably.

Feeling more skin-confident and elated by the results on my acne scarring, I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking to revitalise their skin this Christmas season. Vouchers can also be bought online, making it the perfect Christmas gift for anyone you know wanting to give their skin-health an added boost!

by Emma Hart

For more information on the Alumier Glow Face Peel at Skin Lounge, click here

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