Glass finds calm amidst the vibrant city at the Conrad Centennial Singapore

THE CONCIERGE has just about closed the door before I collapsed face down on the welcoming king bed. Within the short five minutes from the lobby to my room, it is more evident than ever I’m staying at the Conrad Centennial Singapore, as the service is top tier (as is the bed at this very moment).

Atop the Marina Bay, my Grand Deluxe King room becomes an oasis of metropolitan luxury, with a view that encompasses some of Singapore’s best attractions, all of which I discover one by one using the Conrad’s curated local experiences.

As tempting as it is to hibernate within the walls of my spacious residence, it is not long before my excitement has taken me downstairs to explore all the hotel has to offer.

Glass 52 Singapore Travel 2Deluxe King Room

My curiosity brings me to the Golden Peony, having heard of its reputation before my arrival. Boasting a varied selection of Cantonese dishes, the experience was just as delicious as I had predicted, made all the better with an expert wine curation that complimented the food beautifully.

Glass 52 Singapore Travel 1The Grand Hotel Lobby

Though situated in a hub of discovery, the hotel offers a varied selection of amenities, meaning it can cater to both the tourist clientele infatuated with learning about the culture, as well as locals desperate for a break from the city…in the city. This is solidified with the in-house spa at the Conrad Spa that entirely removes you from the bustling streets and replaces them with pure tranquillity, certainly a must-visit.

If searching for an idyllic luxury getaway in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting cities, I would suggest you look no further than Conrad Centennial Singapore, a residence who have mastered the balance between energetic city life and a peaceful getaway vacation.

by Ben Sanderson

Prices start from £340/S$504 per night

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