Glass goes behind the scenes of Givenchy’s AW19 campaign starring Ariana Grande

BACK in July 2019, Ariana Grande and Givenchy announced their eponymously named AW19 campaign, #Arivenchy. Shot by legendary photographer Craig McDean, the collaboration sought to blend Arianas playful personality with Givenchys signature elegance and individualism. Having already unveiled the striking campaign to the world earlier this summer, Givenchy recently released an insider scoop of the shoot through behind the scenes footage. Viewers are able to catch a glimpse of the day a modern day pop-star came head-to-head with the timeless style of French fashion house.

The hand held footage captures the star at the photoshoot, but it looks rather more like a celebratory gathering. Belting out Fall Out Boys Sugar Were Going Down Swinging, swaying her staple high ponytail for the camera and having her thick eye-liner applied by make-up artists, Ariana Grande is the epitome of a fun-loving pop icon.

Her laid-back sense of humour (shown best in her faux-attempt to escape the shoot with the stunning Eden bag) and her ability to entertain the crew is what makes her the ideal star for Givenchys AW19 campaign. #Arivenchy is youthful and full of life, much like Ariana Grande herself.

by Maria Noyen

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