Glass presents Alexander McQueen’s Patchwork Tutorial from their AW20 Collection

WITH most of us still in our homes Alexander McQueen has taken the time to give its followers weekly opportunities to follow in the footsteps of its brand. Using scraps of materials and bits of fabric lying around your homes you can create a patchwork that is reminiscent of the Alexander McQueen’s tailor quilt coat and suit from the autumn-winter 2020 womenswear collection.

Alexander McQueen FW20

Alexander McQueen FW20

The inspiration for these jackets stems from allegorical quilt at the St. Fagans National Museum of History in Cardiff. The tailor’s quilt were made of salvaged flannel from mill sample books and hand-stitched over sixteen years from 1843 by James Williams – the end quilt was made up of 4,500 patches. Additionally, this quilt in the museum provides a social and material history regarding the time it was created in.

McQueen have released a step-by-step tutorial with one of the design team members making the tailor’s quilt patchwork to guide followers who want to recreate this or do something similar. You can send your version in of the final product and McQueen will post it on their social media channels.

by Imogen Clark