Glass revels in a first-rate facial at Rescue Spa, New York

NEW York: there’s a new spa in town and it’s wonderful. Situated in a huge period building with sky-high ceilings, just north of Union Square, Rescue Spa has certainly made an excellent entrance. It dazzles within its white-washed walls and makes you want to hang out at its tea bar (there is a tea bar).

The exterior of Rescue Spa in Manhattan - Joshua Geyer
The exterior of the Rescue Spa in Manhattan

The spa was founded by Polish-born, Paris-trained Danuta Mieloch in Philadelphia nearly 15 years ago and garnered such a following for their top-notch treatments that coming to New York was simply imperative. And we should all be extremely relieved that it’s here. Facials at this place will likely make your skin very happy.

The Beauty Boutique - Rescue Spa in Manhattan - Karen Tropea
The beauty boutique at the Rescue Spa in Manhattan

I was lucky enough to have an appointment with lead aesthetician Diana, who transplanted from the Philadelphia location to impart her years of knowledge to incoming staff. I liked Diana: she was on it from the get-go, suggesting that the facial I had booked in for (Oxylight) wasn’t quite right for my skin concerns (blemishes, scarring, overall unsightliness). How about, she suggested, we try a few things? The Fix-it-All would be more up my street.

The Hair Salon - Rescue Spa in Manhattan - Karen Tropea
The hair salon at the Rescue Spa in Manhattan

After making myself cosy, Diana spent the next hour-and-a-half resurrecting my skin. Rescue Spa is an advocate of the famed Biologique Recherche product line, and while the fragrances emitted by the liquids and creams weren’t exactly heavenly, they did seem to be positively doing something. Diana started with a cleanse and steam, before moving onto extractions, microdermabrasion, electric microcurrents, masking, and, best of all, LED light therapy.

In between the machines, I experienced the real star of the show: Diana’s hands. Her massage technique and flair for sculpting the skin is truly excellent, and she worked studiously, with obvious know-how. I enjoyed every minute of it. As Diana slowed down proceedings and concluded the morning’s event, I felt understandably depressed. Was this really the end?

The Nail Salon - Rescue Spa in Manhattan - Karen Tropea
The nail salon at the Rescue Spa in Manhattan

As well as facials, Rescue Spa offers body treatments, and also houses a nail salon and hair salon. I was excited to learn that the basement of the building will also soon be up-and-running, offering even more space for treatments to take place.

A Quiet Corner of the Spa - Rescue Spa in Manhattan - Andrew Egan
A quiet corner at the Rescue Spa in Manhattan

Sure, facials can be seen as a luxury, but I swear that my skin couldn’t have felt cleaner or smoother after my time with Diana. If I had left it any longer, the amount of dirt that had ended up residing in my precious pores could have basically sunk a bus. My skin looked plump and even, dare I say, radiant. As Diana explained to me, as we chatted during my treatment, your skin is ultimately a project, and it’s worth putting the work in. Having experienced a facial at Rescue Spa, I couldn’t agree more.

by Derby Jones

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