Glass reviews JF Man Control System range by John Frieda

FINDING effective hair products can be a challenge. Faced with multiple brands providing an ever-growing range of products, the choices can be overwhelming and disappointing if the wrong decision is made. My hair can be very temperamental; being on the drier side I struggle with taming its frizzy qualities while attempting to hold a style, and a false move in product choice can lead to an unsightly result. Therefore I’m reluctant to change my tried and tested hair products and a little hesitant to try JF Man Control System range by John Frieda – but I’m very glad I did.

JF ManJM Man Control System Taming Shampoo

With a slight pearly-iridescent sheen and a velvety lather, the Taming Shampoo has subtle but fragrant aromas. Cucumber extracts hydrate the hair, allowing for a nourished finish once washed out. Following the Taming Shampoo, the Calming Conditioner continues to replenish the hair. Only a small amount necessary, the conditioner is vital to ensure a well-moisturised head of hair, leaving a silky texture and a welcomed shine once dried – great if, like me, your natural hair has a duller tone.

JF ManJM Man Control System Calming Conditioner

My personal favourite, the Grooming Gel, is best applied when the hair is still damp. Created to result in a voluminous and firm finish, it is a key ingredient for achieving well-styled hair without compromise on a smooth texture. Once applied to the damp hair, to achieve your desired result can depend on how you dry it – air dry for a firm hold or blow dry for a soft hold.

To complete the look, the Sculpting Paste is perfect for shaping the hair into bold styles that lasts throughout the day, retaining a mouldable quality to change style whenever you fancy. Dispensed through a pumped bottle, I opt for a minimal amount as the paste goes a long way whilst further amplifying the sleek shine.

JF ManJM Man Control System Grooming Gel

The JF Man Control System range by John Frieda isn’t just limited to those battling to tame unruly hair; the products are an ideal choice for those interested in bold and structured styles and a silky texture – and sold at such a reasonable price, it’s a reliable and authentic range for any budget.

JF ManJM Man Control System Sculpting Paste

by Todd Burns

 The JF Man Control System range – the Taming Shampoo priced at £7.50, the Calming Conditioner priced at £7.50, the Grooming Gel priced at £9.50 and the Sculpting Paste priced at £9.50 – is sold exclusively on the Boots website and in select Boots stores.

For more information about John Frieda products for men, visit their website here.

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