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I DON’T know anyone who has not reported deep, disturbing and damaging dreams during the pandemic. That’s if they are lucky to get to sleep at all. Insomnia is rife, and those of us who do eventually toss and turn into the land of nod are visited by ghosts and revenants. 

Sleep, the one blessed relief from a life not so well lived at this moment in time, is a bitch, and an elusive one at that.  It’s fair to say when I got this comprehensive kit of sleep aids from Tisserand, my first inclination was to drink them, just in case they would work faster that way. Do not try that at home, or anywhere. I said I thought about it, which is not to say I did it.  Also, the range is called Sleep Better, not “Knock yourself out with no memory of how you got here.” The promise is better sleep, and this, they deliver.

What you can do, and should do, is rely on Tisserand –  the most trusted aromatherapy brand – to take you to a place that is pleasantly unconscious.  What all of these products do, in various forms, is to help you “switch off, drift off, and recharge.”

 Sleep Better, Tisserand

Tisserand Sleep Better Bath Salts, £15.05, 350g


So, you want to do this in an order, starting with a hot as you can stand bath, liberally sprinkled with the Sleep Better Bath Salts, which contain a blend of the essential oils of jasmine, neroli and lavender, the top note being the last one, known for its soothing effects. It’s a good idea not to actually nod off in the bath, but the vapours that fill your smallest room will absolutely send you off somewhere more blissful and peaceful and pretty darn close to sleep itself.

Tisserand Discovery Kit Sleep Better

Tisserand Sleep Better Discovery Kit, £13.45, 3 x 10ml bottles

Once bathed, dried and dreamily drowsy, spray your pillow with the Sleep Better Pillow Mist. It’s the same combination of oils so you won’t get a scent clash going on. If you are lucky enough to live with a “Can I give you a massage?” bed mate, just hand them the massage and body oil from the Sleep Better Discovery Kit and if you don’t drop off then and there, we can only assume you’ve had too many espressos that day. Or, if you sleep solo, as I do, just dab some on your temples and wrists.

I also like to rub some in my hands and palm them over my eyes.  Within this kit is a smaller, travel-sized version of the pillow mist and a pulse point roller ball, which you probably won’t need at this stage but is a good standby if you are travelling or just need to have a power nap.

Tisserand Sleep Better Pillow Mist, £10.20, 100ml

What’s so lovely about using aromatherapy oils to aid sleep instead of tablets, is that you actually do wake up feeling refreshed, instead of sleepy and baffled. Sweet dreams are made of this.

by Michele Kirsch

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