Glass shines a light on Ukrainian brand Litkovska this Christmas

SINCE Russia invaded Ukraine with a series of missile attacks on February 24th, 2022, the ongoing war has yielded immense destruction among families causing thousands of injuries and deaths of innocent citizens and compelling millions to flee. Ukrainians continue to stand firm against Russian raids, battling for independence, unity, and solidarity so vivid in their indomitable spirit.

Ukrainian fashion designers are relentless in their pursuit to create and move forward with their passions; amongst them is Lilia Litkovskaya, who has always made a point to highlight the creative power of her fellow nation’s designers and continues to create garments with donation support of the conflict.

When choosing your Christmas attires and gifts for this year, it is important to show support in any way possible, especially with such a beautiful selection of Christmas offerings from Litkovska.

This season’s collection is an exploration of a narrative about introspection in which she carefully observes one’s own mental and emotional processes. According to the designer, spirituality provides a deeper insight into understanding the human essence. The collection delves into the universal values of humanity and highlights the strong social world outlook that unveils the elements of compassion and care. Litkovskaya emphasises that “the new capsule is created for all of us and represents the unity and strength of the Ukrainian people.”

The garments’ aesthetics is an “intersection between the East and the West”.To create modest and calming designs while keeping a pinch of drama with sharp lines, graphic textures, and asymmetrically draped silhouettes, Litkovska fuses the western expressive passion and the eastern observational serenity. Offering a combination of flowing ivory silk with oversized shapes, Litkovska unveiled an array of evening and outerwear that deftly combines feminine and masculine characteristics in classic silhouettes.

In addition to that, the brand has also teamed up with Selfridges for a special Christmas release. Following the same aesthetic as the seasonal collection, it includes a variety of silk evening attire along with sleek designs; take the elegantly tailored tube tuxedo vest, for example.

Once again, showcasing masterful craftsmanship, Litkovska creates an anthem for the diversity of human character.


Beige silk dress

White knitted wool corset sweater

Asymmetrical denim skirt

Brown quilted shorts

Woven coat

by Zlata Kryudor 

You can purchase LITKOVSKA FW 22 collection here and LITKOVSKA x Selfridges release here